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Mr. Monrovia. LKT Performing Arts Center

Mr. Austin Newton, you ARE Mr. Monrovia.  Congratulations from all of us to you!

Coming April 10th LKT performing Arts Center


with special guests Sanfran6

Contact Paul Dols for more information or find the flyer in Peach Jar

Be Prepared to go M.A.D.



Make sure you clear Saturday school

PTSA newsletter.

Monrovia High School PTSA
Parent Teacher Student Association
Hey Wildcats, Teachers and Families!
PTSA is a collaborative partnership between home and school. Parents matter, Teachers matter and ...more


Arionus, Lisa
Math Teacher - Geometry, PreAP Geometry
Bagley, Genevieve
Life Skills Teacher
Baham, Mrs. Jemi
Biology and Zoology Teacher
Ballew, DPO Kent
Probation Officer
Barajas, Ophelia
Special Education Instructor
Battle, Anne
Photography Teacher
Bell, Randy
English Teacher; Athletic Director
Berry, Madame
French Teacher
Bolivar, Xochitl
Special Education Instructor
Boschetto, Lacee
Child Development & Fashion Merchandising Teacher, Sophistiquè Club Advisor, Career Tech Dept Chair, MTA Director
Brown, K.
English Teacher
Burns, Steve
Earth Science Teacher
Butler, Douglas
English Teacher
Castellanos, Daniel
Spanish Teacher
Chang, Ms.
Science Teacher
Cheung, Leonard
English Teacher
Chicca, Robin
Physical Education Teacher
Cruz, Ms.
Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Instruction
Cuellar, Carlos
Math Teacher, varsity girls soccer coach
De La O, Javier
de Ridder, Carrie
Special Education Instructor
Dobson, Thomas
Physics teacher, MASA teacher, FTC Robotics coordinator
Dols, Paul
Social Science Teacher, Renaisance Coordinator
Duff, Sandy
Activities Director/ Math Teacher
Duff, Shawn
Social Science Teacher
Esparza, Gretchen
Physical Education Department Chair, Dance and Physical Education Teacher. Advisor: Link Crew, Pep Club, Dance Team
Flores, Mrs. R.
Math Teacher, Club Cure Advisor
Ford, Kristin
Biology Teacher, MASA Coordinator
Garcia, Brenda
Garrison, Steve
AP US History/US History
Gau, Jonathan
Gretebeck, Richard
Math Teacher
Gubbins, Sr.
Spanish Teacher
Harding, Jan
In-School/Saturday School
Hare, Randy
Physical Education Teacher
Harrison, Mrs. Natalie
Social Science Teacher
Heng, Mr.
Math Teacher
Hernandez, Noel
Hirsch, Samara
Ho, Shaun
AP Biology, Biology, Math, AVID Teacher
Huerta, Mrs.
Social Science Teacher
Hughes, Kim
Attendance Office A - K
Iler, Scott
Assistant Principal, Student Support
Ilharreguy (Mr. Guy), Mr.
EnglishTeacher, AP Lang. & Comp. Teacher, English Department Chair
James, Carter
Science Teacher
Lovers,, Mark
History Teacher & Christian Club Advisor
Ly, Tam
Maddox, Ryan
Teacher, Head Football Coach
Magallanes, Daniel
Teacher - Instrumental Music
Marron, Denise
McGinnis, Kirk
McKendrick, Tina
Menlove, Ryan
Social Science Teacher
Miller, Eric
Miranda, Dana
Math Teacher: Geometry, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2
Molina, Ms. Marcela
CTE/ROP Administration of Justice
Montes, Robert
Moore, Bill
Moore, Dave
P.E. Teacher
Morrison, Amy
Math Teacher, MTA, SSCC
Morrow, Kathy
ASB Accounting Clerk
Mullvain, Cyndie
Ochoa, Mrs.
Spanish Teacher
Ong, Derek
Overby, Nate
English Teacher/ Drama Teacher
Patterson, Christina
Perez, Mr. Salvador MFA
Beginning Ceramics SI/SII, Intermediate Ceramics SI/SII, Advance Ceramics I SI/SII, Advance Ceramics II SI/SII, AP Studio Art 3D Design Ceramics SI/SII, Beginning Sculpture SI/SII, Intermediate Sculpture SI/SII, Advance Sculpture I SI/SII, Advance Sculpture II SI/SII, AP Studio Art 3D Design Sculpture SI/SII
Ramirez, Mrs.
English Teacher
Reale, Thomas
T V/Film Production Teacher
Reyes, Mrs.
Mrs. Reyes - Mathematics Teacher
Richardson, Felicia
Attendance Office L - Z
Robb, Evan
TPP coordinator
Romero, Esther
Romero, Y.
Social Science Teacher: World History and Geography
Rousseau, Rebecca
English Teacher, Testing Coordinator
Sanchez, Andrea
Spanish Teacher
Sands, Tiffany
Intro to Painting Drawing 1, Painting Drawing 2, Advanced Painting Drawing, AP Art
Stengel, Swava
English Teacher
Summerell, Carol
Thompson, Pamela
Earth Science/Astronomy Teacher
Treiger, Sara
CTE/ROP Foods/ Medical Office Instructor
Valdez, Graciela
English Teacher
Van Dyke, Annie
Social Science Teacher and Academic Decathlon Coach
Vazquez, Luis
Math Teacher
Wagner, Michael
Watanabe, Cathy
Library Media Teacher
Wedgworth, Trinity
Science Teacher
Wilcox, Patricia
Special Education Instructor
Wright, Victoria
Yoshimoto, Grace



Iler, Scott
Assistant Principal, Student Support

The Monrovia High School Community aims to prepare lifelong learners who are equipped to live meaningful and productive lives in a diverse and rapidly changing global society.



                 Welcome to MHS where you cannot help but get caught in the P.R.I.D.E

P= Productive Learners

R= Responsible Citizens

I= Innovative Critical Thinkers

D= Determined Respectful Collaborators

E= Effective Communicators


Monrovia High School is a place where we are ALL




Register for schoolloop.

Steps to registering for schoolloop.


To register in SchoolLoop, please follow these directions:

1. Go to: http://monroviahs.schoolloop.com/

2. Click on the blue Register Now button...058...

3. For students: click Student Registration

4. For parents: click Parent Registration

5. Fill out the form – you must have your student’s permanent Identification Number (the long number in the middle of your child's schedule) If you have e-mail you will receive daily updates and your student’s teacher will be able to e-mail you information; if you do not have e-mail, leave that area blank.
Should you have any difficulty with registering or using the School Loop program, please contact  Scott Iler at siler@monroviaschools.net.




Announcements 3/26/15
Posted by: Sandy Duff
Published: 3/26/15

Announcements 3/25
Posted by: Sandy Duff
Published: 3/25/15

Announcements 3/23
Posted by: Sandy Duff
Published: 3/23/15

MHS upcoming events


From Broadway to Monrovia High school Godspell the musical



Filharmonic is coming to MHS, come out to a great concert



Mr. Monrovia March 20th 6:30PM LKT performing art center 


M.A.D Battle of the bands



FEBRUARY Students of the Month

Congratulations to the students of the month for February.  Congratulations Wildcats, keep up the awesome work!

     Vanessa Farley
Sarah Mendez
Jonathan Wynman-Comas
Jose Cortez
Tylar Simpson
Alexandra Feldman
Amanda Plasencia
Felipe Alvarez

Our School


"Home of Scholars and Champions"

The Wildcat legacy dates back to 1893 and continues to uphold the long standing tradition of excellence. Monrovia High School provides students with the best possible education and is dedicated to helping them develop the skills they need to be successful citizens of this new century. We strive to provide our students with a comprehensive program that develops both mind and body, while ensuring a safe and secure environment where everyone can feel a sense of belonging. 

School Locker

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Principal's Message

Dear Wildcats,

          It is an honor and a privilege to welcome you all to the 2014-15 school-year where we will continue time tested Monrovia traditions and chart new courses for academic successes.  A well established foundation of a full 6 year WASC Accreditation and an increase in our API to 806 creates a fantastic opportunity for our school community to provide excellent opportunities for our students to grow as life-long learners. This year our students will embark on life shaping challenges in the classroom, athletic arenas and creative endeavors in an effort to improve skills in critical thinking, team-work, and collaboration.  Our students continue to prove that they are well prepared for life after high school with 93% of the graduated class of 2014 receiving post secondary education at universities, colleges and trade schools across the nation.  Monrovia High School graduates are prepared for success! This year we will continue to prepare students to excel in their areas of interest as well as to meet the needs in our growing global community.  With the development of essential qualities of critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and compassion coupled with active community involvement and a focus on change, our Wildcats are poised for excellence. I invite you to join us at some of our many outstanding events scheduled for this year. Come out to see and support our world class athletes, musicians, performers, robot builders, video producers, artists, and scholars while they compete and perform.  We will continue to build upon the great connections and culture of our Monrovia community and I value your support.  


Kirk McGinnis

Bell Schedule

Regular Schedule

Period 0    7:00-7:54  (54)

Period 1    8:00-8:59  (59)

Period 2    9:05-10:04  (59)

Period 3    10:10-11:12 (59+3)

Lunch       11:12-11:45 (33)

Period 4    11:51-12:50 (59)

Period 5    12:56-1:55   (59)

Period 6    2:01-3:00  (59)

Period 7    3:06-4:00  (54)


Wednesday Schedule

Period 0    7:00-7:54  (54)

Period 1    8:00-8:46  (46)

Period 2    8:52-9:38  (46)

Period 3    9:44-10:33  (46+3)

Lunch       10:33-11:04 (31)

Period 4    11:10-11:56 (46)

Period 5    12:02-12:48 (46)

Period 6    12:54-1:40        (46)

Meetings  1:50-3:00  (70)

Period 7    3:06-4:00  (54)



All Students will be:
  • Productive Learners
    • Access and use resources to develop academic, career and/or personal goals.
    • Demonstrate study skills by setting priorities and organizing time and resources effectively.
    • Demonstrate technological literacy by utilizing a variety of current tools (e.g. internet, multimedia resources, computer applications, etc.) to complete work.
  • Responsible Citizens
    •  Demonstrate an understanding of their roles and responsibilities on campus, in the community and in the ever-changing pluralistic world.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of personal health and wellness mentality, physically and socially.
  • Innovative Critical Thinkers 
    • Question, analyze and evaluate information and ideas.
    • Use acquired information and imagination to generate original ideas, recognize problems and advise and implement creative plans of action.
    • Utilize learned content to relate and apply to real-life experiences.
  • Determined Respectful Collaborators
    • Participate cooperatively as team members and contribute to group efforts and the community at large.
    • Demonstrate leadership abilities, organizational skills and problem-solving skills.
  • Effective Communicators
    • Convey ideas through oral communication, writing, artistic expressions, technology and numbers.
    • Read and evaluate a broad variety of materials.
    • Exhibit negotiation skills, conflict resolution and the ability to compromise.